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Click here to see the latest issue of the Flyway!

Detroit Audubon has recently updated the look and content of the Flyway, transforming it into Detroit Audubon’s signature member magazine with a stronger focus on local natural history and conservation, highlighting unique bird sightings, upcoming events, and more.  Previously our seasonal newsletter, the Flyway has been in publication since 1939 and is made possible by Detroit Audubon staff, volunteers and funding provided by Detroit Audubon memberships like yours.

We have also recently enhanced our membership benefits and rates, making the Flyway an exclusive member magazine starting in 2019. What does this mean?

  • Starting January 1, 2019 only Detroit Audubon chapter members will receive new editions of the Flyway
  • When a new issue of the Flyway is produced, the previous issue of the Flyway will be made accessible to the public here on our website

If you would like to receive future issues of the Flyway as they are produced, please join Detroit Audubon today!

Photos Wanted! We need your photos for the Flyway. Please send your birding photos (e.g., birds, birdwatchers, children watching birds, birdhouses, etc.) to us at staff@detroitaudubon.org. We may feature your photo in the next magazine!

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