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Office Administrator Job Description


Work to be done in the Detroit Audubon office at 4605 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201  

Supervised by Executive Director (or Board President when no E.D.)


Considerable experience with CDM (Detroit Audubon uses Bloomerang).

Excellent computer skills, including thorough familiarity with MS Office Suite.

Experience with Word Press, management of webpages and social media.

Experience writing and distributing press releases  a plus.

Experience working with nonprofits desired.


  1. Keep records including volunteer contact information, volunteer hours, program attendance, donations profile changes which include to volunteer.
  1. Maintain the donor database in Bloomerang and assist other staff in Bloomerang tasks.
  2. Send out DA Chapter – only membership renewal letters.
  3. Process donations and provide fundraising support including:
    1. Process all donations and payments that are received through the mail and electronically.
    2. Print and mail thank-you letters for all donations and auction items.
    3. Send out Welcome letters to new members.
    4. Track recurring donations.
    5. Track tax-deductible donations from registrations for events and send letters to attendees showing tax-deductible amounts.
  4. Keep applications and reports current including sales tax, insurance, solicitation license, non-profit status, tax exempt status, tax exempt applications with vendors, fundraising license.
  1. Deposit checks and cash at bank (Detroit Audubon provides bonding).
  2. Bookstore support
    1. Order books with Program Coordinator and keep track of purchases. 
    2. Maintain inventory records.
    3. Balance sales/funds received after sales and provide records to bookkeeper.
    4. Performs year-end bookstore inventory in collaboration with Program Coordinator. 
    5. Download and process monthly member updates from National Audubon Society add/change report and send out welcome letters to new members.
    6. Monitor field trip attendance lists and follow up with attendees who indicate they wish to join.
  3. Follow Standard Operating Procedures
  4. Office Support
    1. Orders office supplies including stamps online
    2. Monitors printed materials and notifies president when reorders are needed.
  1. Other duties as required by Detroit Audubon.