Global Big Day

Global Big Day is an annual celebration of the birds around us, in our backyards and beyond. While not everyone may be able to leave home to bird this year, Global Big Day is still an opportunity to check in with the birds in and around where you live. Join Detroit Audubon on May 14, 2022 and be a part of a global birding community by sharing what birds you see around you on a free eBird account.

At Detroit Audubon, we are trying to cover as many Metro Detroit cities as possible with bird counts on May 14 and we need your help! Please complete this form and make a pledge to contribute to science and help scientists gain a better understanding of global bird populations. Join Detroit Audubon in the social media community and let us know you are birding with #DABigDay. After May 14, submit your eBird list to Detroit Audubon and we will total the number of birders and species to share.

Please remember to always put safety first and follow all local safety guidelines and closures. You can enjoy birds from inside your home or backyard and still be part of Global Big Day.