School Programs

School Programs

Environmental Educational Opportunities are Coming Back!

Are you an in-school or home-school teacher looking to offer some environmental opportunities and lesson plans for your students? Maybe you run a program outside of school that helps teach kids? Detroit Audubon offers environmental educational opportunities for kids of all ages. 

Detroit Audubon is available to lead curriculum-aligned educational programs for Metro Detroit schools. We offer a range of opportunities for your children to learn about:

  • Birds
    • Basic identification
    • Feeding behaviors
    • Fill-the-bill activity
    • Black Tern Conservation
    • How to use binoculars
    • Raptors/Owls
  • Ecological food chains
  • Animal adaptations
  • Native plant species (Detroit Bird City)
  • Pollinator species
  • Local habitats
  • Native vs Non-native vs Invasive species
  • Conservation opportunities through stewardship projects
  • Other various hands-on learning activities.

Imagine your kids learning about some of our local bird species and types of habitats in your own backyard before getting to use binoculars for the first time. Or maybe we take a field trip together to a nearby park where they’d get to observe local plant and animal species in addition to the local birds twittering around. Not sure if in-person is the best option? We could work together to create a video series that you could share with your students at home or in the classroom. Or are you interested, but have no idea what you’d like to do? Reach out to Brittany, our Program Coordinator for ideas about field trips, in-class opportunities and other virtual offerings or refer to the list below:

  • In-person Field Trips
    • Local nature areas
    • Nearby parks
  • In-person Classroom Sessions
  • Webinars/Virtual meetings
  • Video series

To check out more detail about our various programs we offer, check them out here.

To watch our Climate Change & Bird Safe Windows Webinar, check it out here. The program is in partnership with the Detroit Zoological Society and River Raisin Institute and will include the webinar, virtual curriculum resources, age-appropriate book recommendations, window decoration materials and more if you choose to participate. 

Reach out to Brittany at for more information and details.