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Project Safe Passage

If you’re looking for a simple, effective, and affordable way to prevent birds from hitting your windows, there are now a number of options available. With so many options to choose from, we hope our readers will spread the word and make their homes safer for our avian neighbors.


Acopian BirdSavers

The newest product, Acopian BirdSavers, also known as Zen Wind Curtains, uses nylon parachute cords hung 4 1/4 inches apart outside the glass. Field experiments “provide exceptionally strong quantitative evidence that BirdSavers are an effective means of transforming windows into obstacles that free-flying birds will see and avoid.” To order the custom-designed BirdSavers, measure your windows, and visit www.birdsavers.com. To build your own, follow the instructions on the website.

Feather Friendly

Feather Friendly Technologies has developed a do-it-yourself kit using the same bird-strike solution proven to work on their commercial applications. The film uses a marker-only application to the exterior surface of the glass. The kit is made up of 100-foot rolls of marker tape, two measuring strips, and installation instructions. Visit www.featherfriendly.org for online instructions and pricing.

ABC Bird Tape

Over the past few years the Rusinow Family Foundation, a charitable organization founded by Jeff Rusinow, has been funding bird conservation initiatives. Jeff, a life-long birder and board member of the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) feels that the issue of birds hitting residential windows has been neglected by the birding community. With the Rusinow Family Foundation’s generous support, a tape that prevents bird strikes has been developed. The ABC tape comes in 3-inch and 3/4-inch widths. Homeowners can create their own aesthetics as long as the tape is applied 2 inches apart horizontally or 4 inches apart vertically. The wider tape can be used to create squares or diamonds. A roll can cover 15 windows that are 24 x 32 inches. ABC is selling the product at cost. Visit their website at www.abcbirdtape.org . Wild Birds Unlimited stores have also begun carrying it. Jeff feels there’s a need for an inexpensive solution that will get public support. He is eager to distribute the tape through big-box and hardware stores.

[This article was derived, with thanks, from two articles published in the fall 2012 issue of Touching Down, the newsletter of the Fatal Light Awareness Program.]