Help raise funds for Detroit Audubon while birding!

What is a Bird-A-Thon?

Bird-A-Thon teams of 2-6 birders spend a day in the field at the peak of spring migration to help raise funds to further Detroit Audubon’s mission to foster the appreciation and conservation of birds and the environment we share.  Individuals of all skill levels are invited to organize teams or participate on a team.

When is the Bird-A-Thon?
Any day (24-hour period) between May 1st and June 15th.

Where is the Bird-A-Thon?
Choose any location(s) in southeast Michigan.

How do I raise funds for Detroit Audubon?
In advance of the birding date, all team members are asked to seek pledges from sponsors for each bird species seen by the team during the selected 24-hour period. Team members will collect donations from their sponsors and send them to Detroit Audubon’s office at 4605 Cass Ave. Detroit, MI 48201 with a copy of their observations and pledge form by June 31st.

How do I register?
Team leaders should register their team by May 15th by emailing our Research Coordinator Ava Landgraf at with their name, expected Bird-A-Thon date and expected number of team members.

How many species am I expected to see?
During Bird-A-Thon 2013 one team recorded 114 species, which is our record high to-date! On average, seeing 70-80 bird species would be expected during this time period. Overall success is dependent on sites chosen, weather, and the the skill levels of the birders on the team.

Have any more questions?
Please contact our Research Coordinator, Ava Landgraf, at 313-800-1578 or email her at

Happy Birding and thanks for supporting Detroit Audubon!