Awards and Endorsements

Sierra Club Endorsement

Project Safe Passage Great Lakes has received the endorsement of both the Southeast Michigan Group and the State Chapter of the Sierra Club. They noted in their decision that Safe Passage complements their efforts on behalf of the Sierra Club’s Cool Cities Program, which exemplifies the concept of Think Globally, Act Locally. The Cool Cities program is an effort to address the problem of global warming one city at a time. Local committees are working to urge their cities to:

1. Join the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement to reduce global warming pollution.(At this writing, 358 mayors representing 55 million people have signed the agreement.)

2. Green their city’s vehicle fleets with hybrid and other cleaner cars.

3. Modernize city buildings with money-saving energy efficiency technology.

4. Invest in clean and safe renewable energy.

Detroit Audubon and Michigan Audubon welcome the support of the Sierra Club in our efforts to make cities safer for the night migrating birds who pass over them every spring and fall.

Michigan Audubon Award for Conservation

At the Michigan Audubon Annual Luncheon held on March 1st, The Detroit Audubon Society was given the Michigan Audubon Bird Conservation Award by President Jack Lapinski. DAS President Richard Quick, board member Fred Charbonneau and Safe Passage Committee member Doris Applebaum accepted the award on behalf of Detroit Audubon.

award_from_masMAS’ Keith Harrison presents the Michigan Audubon Bird Conservation Award to DAS President Richard Quick and Safe Passage Great Lakes committee members Fred Charbonneau and Doris Applebaum Photo by Mike Boyce

We are very grateful for this recognition of the Safe Passage Great Lakes program DAS has started in the Detroit area. We are also grateful for the tremendous support Michigan Audubon has given to Safe Passage Great Lakes. MAS has reached out to all of its chapters to work towards the goals of Safe Passage – reducing migrating bird mortality due to collisions with and effects of tall buildings – in the western and northern parts of the state.

DAS is collaborating with MAS on the Michigan IBA program as well. It is good to have our two Audubons working hand in hand. Thanks Michigan Audubon!

City of Southfield Resolution

WHEREAS, the Mayor and Council of the City of Southfield have consistently demonstrated a high level of commitment to quality of life issues in the community, which includes a healthy respect for nature and the environment; and

WHEREAS, more that 250 species of birds, including warblers, thrushes and tanagers, some declining steeply in numbers, fly over Michigan cities, including, Southfield, during their migration seasons; and

WHEREAS, the lights of tall buildings often confuse the navigation systems of birds flying nearby, and birds die from exhaustion or by colliding with buildings; and

WHEREAS, scientists estimate that nearly one billion birds are killed every year due to lighted buildings; and

WHEREAS, by turning lights off at night in tall structures would save money, reduce pollution, save energy, and save the lives of many birds that fly over our skies at night; and

WHEREAS, the City of Southfield does hereby encourage business owners, building organizations and property owners to cooperate with the Project Safe Passage program;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Mayor and Council of the City of Southfield do hereby offer our support to the Audubon Society in its furtherance of the Safe Passage Great Lakes Days, which cover the periods annually of March 15th through May 31st and August 15th through October 31st.

I, Susan D. Silva, the duly appointed and qualified Deputy City Clerk of the City of Southfield, County of Oakland, State of Michigan, do hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was adopted by the Southfield City Council at the Regular Meeting held on April 30, 2007.

Dated: May 8, 2007

Susan D. Silva, Deputy City Clerk