About Detroit Audubon


Who We Are

Detroit Audubon was founded in 1939 and incorporated as a 501(c)3 non profit corporation in 1957. A chapter of National Audubon Society (today known simply as Audubon), we have over 6,000 members in areas stretching from St. Clair County to the north, Ann Arbor to the west, and down to the Ohio State Line.

Our Mission

Detroit Audubon fosters the appreciation and conservation of birds and the environment we share.

The primary focus of Detroit Audubon is to protect birds and their habitats through engaging people, communities, and policymakers in conservation. We strive to bring nature and people together, in a way that serves both. The work of Detroit Audubon supports local activities that foster the preservation of birds and the clean air, water, wetlands, grasslands, woodlands and other natural resources they depend upon to survive and thrive. Founded in 1939, Detroit Audubon is one of two National Audubon chapters in Michigan with over 6,000 members and serving six counties throughout Southeastern Michigan.

EDI (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) Statement

The Board of Directors (BOD) and staff believe the work to conserve birds and the environment we share is not mutually exclusive from the work for equity and justice. We strive for a diverse board and staff, and we promote engagement with all communities regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, ability, gender, or age. We pledge to interact with communities where we work with sensitivity and openness not only about what we are doing, but with genuine openness to the needs and desires of people in those communities.

Photo Credit: Ed Schroeder

Useful Links

Our Website

Our website is a resource for bird conservation, birders, and anyone interested in local nature in the greater Detroit area. The website also hosts the achieve of Flyway, Detroit Audubon’s quarterly publication that includes feature stories on local birding, conservation, and education. Flyway also includes information about upcoming events and field trips to interesting locations in Southeast Michigan.

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