2021 Virtual Presentations

Detroit Audubon is excited to be offering webinars on a variety of topics with our many partners this year!

Please join us for one of these virtual presentations soon!

Past Webinars

Upland Birds

Date: Thursday, December 2nd at 12:00pm

Join Pheasants Forever, National Wild Turkey Federation & Detroit Audubon for a post-Thanksgiving educational webinar on Upland Prairie Birds of Michigan.

Learn how to identify the various types of Galliformes, Gruiformes and Charadriiformes we have in Michigan, the best places to spot them, and what we can do to help conserve birds and the places they need to thrive.

Special guest speakers will include:
• Ben Beaman, Pheasants Forever
• Steve Sharp, National Wild Turkey Federation
• Brittany Leick, Detroit Audubon

To view a recording of this webinar, please visit here!

Climate 101

Date: Tuesday, August 17th at 10:00am

Presenter: Omar Gates, Climatologist

Join us for an engaging talk all about climate science from Climatologist Omar Gates. This will provide an overview of temperature and precipitation trends throughout the Great Lakes region, and the presentation will give examples of climate change impacting different sectors and environments.

To view a recording of this webinar, please visit here!

Things with Wings

Date: Tuesday, June 1st at 7:00pm
Presenter: Erin Parker

During this interactive presentation, we’ll explore the butterflies and moths of Michigan through backyard science, literacy, math, geography, and art to engage students, families, and teachers with these colorful and cryptic creatures . Let these “things with wings” inspire outdoor learning and fun in your backyard or school grounds!

Detroit Audubon is thrilled to welcome once again Belle Isle Nature Center’s Manager, Erin Parker for this webinar!

To view a recording of this webinar, please visit here!

Bird Photography – an Introduction 

Date: Tuesday, May 25th at 12:00pm
Presenter: Susan Evans

There is more to successful wildlife photography than simply identifying your subject and clicking the shutter. We will identify core skills and you will learn to dramatically up your game through gear choice, composition, lighting and other techniques where patience is often more than enough to make masterful images.

Susan Evans started her photography career at the age of 8 as a darkroom helper for her father who was a wildlife biologist, avid Audubon member and Assistant Director of Intermountain Region of the USFS. Since then, Evans’ formal education yielded a BFA in both Photography and Holography from Goddard College and a MFA cum laude from Cornell University. Evans is an Associate Professor of Art at Oakland University in Michigan, where she teaches photography.

Her work is shown nationally and internationally and is included in many collections including: The George Eastman House Museum; Detroit Institute of Arts; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Museum of Fine Art Houston; Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland; Galerie Lichtblick, Köln, Germany and Collection Dancing Bear among others.

To view a recording of this webinar, please visit here!

Peregrine Falcons in Michigan Webinar

Date: Tuesday, May 11th at 12:00pm
Presenter: Holly Vaughn

In this webinar, we will discuss the peregrine’s biology and behavior and how their numbers were decimated in the post-war years due to DDT and pesticide use. The DNR reintroduced them to the state in the 1980s and 1990s and now they are thriving. We’ll chat about good places to find them and the future of these beautiful birds!

Holly Vaughn is the Public Outreach and Engagement Unit Manager for the DNR Wildlife Division. She is an avid birder and has been closely involved with Michigan’s peregrine falcon program since 2013. Holly studied at Michigan State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife and a Master of Science in Park, Recreation and Tourism Resources.

View a recording of this webinar here!

Creating Bird-friendly Spaces Webinar

Date: Tuesday, April 20th at 6:30pm
Presenters: Michelle Serreyn and Ava Landgraf

Please join Detroit Audubon’s Research Coordinator, Ava Landgraf, and Native Plant Enthusiast, Michelle Serreyn, for a webinar all about turning your yard or any area into a mini sanctuary for birds and pollinators. We will discuss native plants, bird feeders, proper upkeep, and what to keep out.

View a recording of this webinar here!

Native Plants for Birds Webinar

Date: Tuesday, April 27th at 6:30pm
Presenters: Michelle Serreyn 

Join Detroit Native Plant Enthusiast, Michelle Serreyn, to learn about using native plants to support local birds. We will discuss why native plants are better for birds people and your wallet and share some information on some of our favorite plants to use in the garden.

View a recording of this webinar here!

All About Hummingbirds Webinar

Date: Thursday, April 15th at 7:00pm
Presenter: Diane Cheklich

Who doesn’t love hummingbirds! The Ruby-throated Hummingbird is the only hummingbird found in Michigan. They migrate south for the winter and will be on their way back to Michigan this spring. And they can be found all over our state, even in cities like Detroit! Join Detroit Audubon in this virtual session to learn about hummingbirds, how we can spot them, and how we can help support and protect them.

Diane Cheklich is a film producer who lives in Detroit. She enjoys birding with Detroit Audubon and regularly goes birdwatching on Belle Isle. An ardent environmentalist, she believes it’s critical to protect flyways and habitat and is active in promoting solar energy in the Detroit area.

View a recording of this webinar here!

Biodiversity of the Detroit River: Past, Present and Future Prospects Webinar

Date: Tuesday, March 30th at 1:00pm
Presenter: Jim Bull

This PowerPoint program is based on a chapter Jim wrote with Julie Craves for the book Honoring Our Detroit River, Caring for Our Home, an anthology edited by John Hartig and published in 2003, but updated to the present. It traces the history of the Detroit River and its biota from prehistoric times to present. It will emphasize comparisons between what the European founder of Detroit, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, saw in 1701 with what the wildlife is like today on the Detroit River. Jim will also discuss what the prospects are for the future through looking at different habitats including wetlands, prairies, woodlands, aquatic environments, with special sections on birds and Humbug Marsh, the biodiversity gem of the river.

Jim Bull, is three-time past president of Detroit Audubon, editor of its quarterly magazine The Flyway, field trip leader, and Fund Development and Environmental Policy Coordinator. He teaches Biology and Environmental Science at both Wayne County Community College and Macomb Community College. He holds a B.S. in Biology and Earth Science from Adrian College, a M.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife from Michigan State University, and Ph.D. in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan.

View a recording of this webinar here!

Birding By Ear – a Beginners Guide to Bird Songs, Calls and Commotion Webinar

Date: Tuesday, March 23rd at 7:00pm
Presenter: Erin Parker

Spring songs fill the air as our neotropical migrants wing their way back into Michigan. But which bird is which? Learning to bird by ear takes practice and patience, but we’ll tackle some tips and tricks, learn a few of the common backyard birds, and share some resources to get tuned up for this year’s migratory chorus!

Detroit Audubon is thrilled to welcome once again Belle Isle Nature Center’s Manager, Erin Parker for this webinar!

View a recording of this webinar here!

Swifts in the City: Meet Your Insect-loving Neighbors Webinar

Date: Tuesday, March 2nd at 12:00pm
Presenters: Linnea Rowse, MI Audubon

Chimney Swifts, an insect-eating bird species in steep population decline, depend on us for their nesting and migratory roosting habitat – chimneys! Learn about Chimney Swifts – their habits, how to identify these fast-flying birds, and where to find them, as well as how you can help these special birds in your neighborhood. As part of Michigan Audubon’s Bird-friendly Communities program, our collective community effort to help Chimney Swifts is part of a suite of urban bird conservation projects focused on reconnecting urban communities with birds and the environment for the benefit of all. Now more than ever, urban environments must be reimagined as functional wildlife habitat. Learn how and why to do bird conservation in your community!

View a recording of this webinar here!

Conveying Bird Conservation Efforts from South Africa to America Webinar

Date: Tuesday, February 23rd at 12:00pm
Presenters: Jessica Egerer

An introduction on the organization “SANCCOB”: The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds. Discussion of their overall mission as well as research initiatives, transponder work, and oil spill relief. Stories from my experience at SANCCOB in 2018, and further information on the various volunteer opportunities offered by the center. Finally, I’ll chat about ways of strengthening awareness for an organization that, geographically, can make it difficult for people in the United States to connect with.

My name is Jessica Egerer. I am a bird department zookeeper at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, Michigan.

View a recording of this webinar here!

Winter Waterfowl ID Webinar

Date: Friday, February 12th at 12:00pm

Each fall and winter hundreds of thousands of ducks descend on the Great Lakes – making winter the perfect season for waterfowl birding in Michigan.

Join MI Birds, a public outreach program from Audubon Great Lakes and Michigan Department of Natural Resources, for “Winter Waterfowl ID,” a free virtual event presented in partnership with Detroit Audubon, Ducks Unlimited, and the River Raisin Institute.

Discover the best places to spot waterfowl in Michigan this winter, how to identify them by species, and what we can do to help conserve birds and the places they need to thrive.

Special guest speakers will include:
• Erin Rowan, Audubon Great Lakes, Senior Conservation Associate
• Brittany Leick, River Raisin Institute, Program Coordinator
• Chris Sebastian, Ducks Unlimited, Public Affairs Coordinator

Register today! It’s sure to be a “wonder-fowl” time!

View a recording of this webinar here

Elmwood Cemetery History and Birds Webinar

Date: Tuesday, January 19th at 12:00pm
Presenters: Joannie Capuano and Rosann Kovalcik

Are you missing our monthly Elmwood walks! We are too!  Please join us for a webinar with some of the historical and birding highlights of this beautiful gem in Detroit. We are pleased to partner with Joannie Capuano, Executive Director of Historic Elmwood Foundation and Rosann Kovalcik, Detroit Audubon Board member and owner of WildBirds Unlimited Grosse Pointe Woods for this webinar.

For a recording of this webinar, please visit here.

Family Fun at the Feeder! Webinar

Date: Thursday, January 14th at 4:00pm
Presenter: Erin Parker, Belle Isle Nature Center, Manager

Let’s learn about attracting feathered friends to our backyard feeders, identifying some of our common winter visitors, and even some hands-on, minds-on ways to engage with birds through science, math, literacy, and more. Perfect for families or teachers that want to use backyard birds as a gateway to learning and fun indoors and out.

To view a recording of this webinar, please visit here.