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2020 Virtual Presentations

***Due to the coronavirus outbreak and an abundance of caution, Detroit Audubon has decided to transition programs and events to a digital format.  We look forward to birding with you again in person once it is safe to do so. We will continue to asses the situation and update this space accordingly. Going outside and enjoying nature is a great way to relieve stress and pass these trying times. We encourage you to do so while practicing responsible social distancing. ***

Please join us for one of these virtual presentations until we can meet again in person!


Hawks on the Go! a Brief Introduction into Hawk Migration

Date: Monday, September 14th at 12:00pm

Presenter: Paul Cypher

“Hawks on the Go: a Brief Introduction into Hawk Migration” is a basic look at the fundamentals of hawk migration. During this presentation, we’ll take a look at why hawks migrate, how its impacted by geography, and what makes Lake Erie Metropark such a fantastic place to observe this incredible phenomenon. We’ll tackle some identification, too! Paul Cypher has been an interpreter at Lake Erie Metropark since 1994. He saw his first Broad-winged Hawk kettle in 1993 and his life has never been the same…..

Register for this webinar here.

Regenerative Ecology: Restoring Urban Green Spaces

Date: Saturday, Oct 3rd at 10:00am

Presenter: Dr. Ventra Asana

Explore the moral and ethical dimensions of environmental sustainability, particularly examining how normative (e.g. “traditional”) theories and praxis historically have ignored the viewpoints of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) communities.

Register for this webinar here.


Native Plants for Birds Webinar: No Bugs, No Birds

Date: Monday, August 24th at 7:00pm

Presenter: Michelle Serreyn and Ava Landgraf

Back by popular demand just in time for fall migration! Join Detroit Audubon’s Research Coordinator, Ava Landgraf, and Native Plant Enthusiast, Michelle Serreyn, to learn about using native plants to support local birds. We will discuss why native plants are better for birds, people and your wallet and share some information on some of our favorite plants to use in the garden. You still have time to plant this fall and be ready for next spring!

You can view a recording of this webinar here!


Date: Wednesday, August 5th at 6:30pm

Presenter: Jim Bull

Opening with the drama of this species’ discovery, this story moves on to the first census of a song bird, to its precariously clinging on the precipice of extinction for years, and finally its rising like a Phoenix as an endangered species success story –it was “delisted” in Nov. 2019.  People come from all over the world to see this Jack-pine songster, that has such fidelity to Michigan that it has been promoted as our state bird.

Presenter Jim Bull, past president and active board member of Detroit Audubon, has a long and deep association with this species.  His father helped coordinate the first census, he did research on and led tours to see the bird for the US Forest Service, was Detroit Audubon’s representative to the Kirtland’s Warbler Recovery Team,  is the longest serving census volunteer, co-chaired the campaign to make this species our state bird, and was appointed and still serves on the board of the Kirtland’s Warbler Alliance.   This presentation will combine both Power Point slides and a short video.

You can view a recording of this webinar here!

Butterflies on Belle Isle

Date: Tuesday, July 28th

Presenter: Tom Allenson

Join Detroit Audubon and Tom Allenson, who has been collecting data about butterflies on Belle Isle for the Michigan Butterfly Network for the past few years.  During this webinar, Tom will be discussing challenges facing butterflies, butterflies at the Belle Isle Nature Center, and all about counting butterflies including how you can get involved!

You can view a recording of this webinar here!

Sacred Grounds NWF Program

Date: Tuesday, July 14th

Leader: Tiffany Carey

Tiffany Carey, National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Great Lakes Habitat and Education Coordinator will provide an overview of the NWF Sacred Grounds Program currently administered in the Great Lakes Region (e.g., Detroit, Toledo and Grand Rapids). In Detroit, specifically, the Sacred Grounds program currently supports 12 Detroit houses of worship and faith based entities to create native plant gardens that contribute to water quality improvements (e.g., rain gardens) and increases pollinator/monarch habitat.

To guide these place-based projects, NWF along with local partners, provide funding (e.g., mini- grants), technical assistance, and educational opportunities (e.g., workshops) to each site and the neighboring community. As community anchors, these faith sites are well positioned to create native plant habitat and be demonstration hubs for educating others in environmental practices across the city. By leveraging capacity at each site and providing these resources, NWF aims to continue supporting community-based solutions to develop usable green spaces; ultimately, leading to green networks of community members and habitats.

To learn more, check out their website at https://www.nwf.org/sacredgrounds and join us to hear some of the amazing local and regional stories.

You can view a recording of this webinar here!

Black Tern Conservation at St. Clair Flats

Date: Wednesday, July 8th

Leader: Ava Landgraf

The largest Black Tern breeding colony in Michigan resides in St. Clair Flats. Studies have shown that many smaller breeding colonies are disappearing, making the St. Clair Flats colony especially valuable. Black Terns spend half their life flying over the ocean off the coast of Central and South America, and half breeding in U.S. and Canadian Marshes. The birds create their nests on mats of vegetation floating in the water. Despite their charm and unique lifestyle, the birds are not well understood and their populations are decreasing.

Due to the urgent need for action, the Black Tern is receiving increasing attention from federal and state agencies. Only with continued research can we determine the causes of Black Tern population decline in Michigan and across North America. Detroit Audubon has partnered with Audubon Great Lakes and National Audubon to monitor the St. Clair Flats Black Tern colony since 2013. Hear more about this exciting and necessary program from Detroit Audubon Research Coordinator, Ava Landgraf, who monitors and bands the Black Terns on St. Clair Flats.

You can view a recording of this webinar here!

Backyard Birding in Corktown

Date: Tuesday, June 9th

Leader: Tom Allenson

Have you ever been birding in Detroit?  You should!  Join backyard bird enthusiast Tom Allenson for a peek into his own backyard in Corktown where he has seen over 75 bird species over many years across seasons.  He will also share some of his favorite Detroit birding hotspots.  You won’t want to miss this! 

You can view a recording of this webinar here!

American Kestrels and Ecosystem Services in Michigan’s Fruit-Growing Region Webinar

Date: Thursday, June 4th

Leader: Catherine Lindell

Please join Associate Professor Catherine Lindell as she discusses her lab group’s efforts to help fruit growers and American kestrels, North America’s smallest falcons, by enhancing agricultural landscapes with nest boxes. She has worked with sweet cherry and blueberry growers in Michigan. Kestrels eat a wide variety of crop pests. She will discuss their success in attracting kestrels to fruit-production areas and their role in deterring crop pests.

Native Plants for Birds Webinar

Date: Thursday, May 28

Leaders: Ava Landgraf and Michelle Serreyn

Take a deep dive into native plants, why you should use them, and how to get started.  Join Detroit Audubon’s Research Coordinator, Ava Landgraf, and Native Plant Enthusiast, Michelle Serryen, to learn about using native plants to support local birds. We will discuss why native plants are better for birds people and your wallet and share some information on some of our favorite plants to use in the garden.

You can view a recording of this webinar here!

All About Wildlife Bird Rehabilitation Webinar

Date: Friday, May 29th

Leader: Andrea Aiuto

Join us for a presentation from Andrea Aiuto, the manager of The Bird Center of Washtenaw County. We will learn about all of the work that goes into caring for injured and orphaned wild birds. Visit their website here for a preview. Cue the adorable baby bird pictures!

You can view a recording of this webinar here!

How to Make a Bird-Friendly Space Webinar

Date: Thursday, May 21st

Leaders: Ava Landgraf and Michelle Serreyn

Small pieces of habitat create a big impact for wildlife! Learn how you can use little spaces to support local birds and pollinators.  Please join Detroit Audubon’s Research Coordinator, Ava Landgraf, and Native Plant Enthusiast, Michelle Serryen, for a webinar all about turning your yard or any area into a mini sanctuary for birds and pollinators.  We will discuss native plants, bird feeders, proper upkeep, and what to keep out.

You can view a recording of this webinar here.

Birding 101 Virtual Presentation

Date: Friday, May 8th

Leaders: Ava Landgraf and Sarah Halson

Love birds but not sure what you’re looking at? Want to be able to identify birds in your yard or elsewhere? Join Detroit Audubon for a Birding 101 workshop and learn how to become one of the more than 50 million Americans that love bird watching! In this short workshop, we’ll teach you how to really see birds, what to look for to help you identify what you’re seeing, how to use eBird to keep track of your birding list and much more.

You can view a recording of this presentation here.

Detroit Bird City Virtual Presentation

Date: Thursday, May 7th  

Leaders: Diane Cheklich and Barry Burton

Join us for a virtual conversation with Detroit Audubon Conservation Committee Chair, Diane Cheklich and City of Detroit’s Landscape Design project Manager, Barry Burton, about Detroit Bird City.

Detroit Bird City is a joint project of Detroit Audubon, the City of Detroit, local communities, and other partners. It is a celebration of Detroit’s rich bird life, and its goal is to provide habitat to birds while enhancing access to nature for human neighbors. The program is based on a strategy outlined in the City of Detroit’s 2017 Parks and Recreation Improvement Plan, where 19 city properties were designated to be transformed into “intentional meadows.” Detroit Bird City’s plan is to create meadows in five of these properties, the first was planted in Spring 2019 at Callahan Park.

You can view a recording of this presentation here.

Pheasants and Grasslands Virtual Presentation

Date: Saturday, April 25th

Leaders: Diane Cheklich and Holly Vaughn

The Ring-Necked Pheasant is one of Detroit’s most colorful residents, and their story–why and how they got here–is just as interesting.

Although we will not be able to come together to search for pheasants in the grasslands of Detroit, join pheasant enthusiasts from Detroit Audubon, our partners from the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center and MI Birds for a virtual joint presentation about pheasants and grasslands.  Please join us to learn more about these fascinating birds, their habitat and even a sneak peek into a Detroit pheasant documentary being produced by Detroit Audubon’s Diane Cheklich.  Zoom links will be shared with those that register closer to the date and we hope you will join us!

You can view a recording of this presentation here.