Detroit Audubon- soon to be Detroit Bird Alliance

Detroit Audubon fosters the appreciation and conservation of birds and the environment we share.

Detroit Audubon is becoming Detroit Bird Alliance! New Name, Same Mission

Detroit Audubon is becoming Detroit Bird Alliance!  

Why Detroit Bird Alliance? The name says it all!
Detroit: Our members reside in the City of Detroit and across southeastern Michigan.
Bird: We are dedicated to birds – to protecting them, preserving their habitat and inspiring an appreciation for all birds. 
Alliance: We are part of a larger network of bird-dedicated organizations. Our conservation efforts rely on collaboration between individuals, communities and organizations. We are stronger together.     
When will the new name go into effect?  Our transition to Detroit Bird Alliance will take place in 2024. 
For now, we will operate as Detroit Audubon. All donations and membership renewals may continue through Detroit Audubon and will transition seamlessly next year. 
Our affiliation as the Detroit chapter of the National Audubon Society will not change.  
In the new year, you’ll notice some changes as we adopt our new name and a new look. 
Detroit Audubon (soon-to-be Detroit Bird Alliance): New name, same mission – to foster the appreciation and conservation of birds and the environment we share. 
Read more about today’s joint announcement and background on the name change here.

Bird Brain Trivia Night

Wednesday, November 15, 2023  7:00 – 9:00 pm
Brewery Faisan
1087 Beaufait St.
Detroit, MI 48207
Join Detroit Audubon for our first Bird Brain Trivia Night Fundraiser at Brewery Faisan. Bring a partner or a team for a chance at the title of biggest bird brain and our trophy, the golden owl. No bird expertise required. All proceeds from ticket sales go to support Detroit Audubon!

Detroit Audubon has been protecting birds and the environment since 1939.

Our 6,000+ constituents stretch from St. Clair County to Ann Arbor to the Ohio State Line.

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Important Update: Detroit Audubon has moved office locations to 4840 Mt. Elliott Detroit, MI 48207. 

Upcoming Field Trips and Events

Detroit Audubon Chapter members always have the first opportunity to register for any in person field trips, so we encourage you to join us as a member today! 

2023 Detroit Audubon Field Trips

Detroit Audubon field trips offer fantastic year-round birding opportunities! We visit renowned regional hotspots during the migration season, and other trips focus on the many interesting resident species. Everyone is welcome, especially beginning birders, and you can always bring a friend.

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2023 Detroit Audubon Virtual Presentations

Detroit Audubon is excited to be offering webinars on a variety of topics with our many partners this year! We offer and record regular webinars on a variety of topics then post them on our website and YouTube pages. 

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Emergency Care for Birds

Have you ever found a bird that was injured or a baby bird that was obviously out of the nest too early? What do you do?

recommended Birding resources

Birding as a hobby has many types of equipment that can help you enrich the experience for those both long time and budding birders. Choose from our list of binoculars, bird ID books and scopes to best suit your birding and price range needs. 

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Safe Passage Project

Works to reduce the incidence of collisions of night-migrating birds with illuminated buildings in this area.

Guide to Bird-Friendly Gardens

Learn how to plant a garden with native flowers and plants that attract and support local bird populations!

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Detroit Audubon is the chapter of the National Audubon Society that serves 6,000 members in southeast Michigan from St. Clair County to Ann Arbor to the Ohio State Line.