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Check out upcoming field trips and webinars here! 
Detroit Audubon Chapter members will be given the first opportunity to register for any in person field trips, so we encourage you to join us as a member today! 
Upcoming Events:

Sat, July 24th @ 9:00am: Crosswinds Marsh SOLD OUT

Sat, July 24th @ 8:00am: Pointe Mouillee Driving Field Trip

Sat, July 31st @3:00pm: Eliza Howell Wildflowers and Butterflies SOLD OUT

Sat, August 14th @ 8:00am: Young Birders at Palmer Park


Detroit Audubon has been protecting birds and the environment since 1939. Our 5,000 members stretch from St. Clair County through southeast Michigan to the Ohio state line and beyond!

Guide to Bird-Friendly Gardens

Learn how to plant a garden with native flowers and plants that attract and support local bird populations!

Project Safe Passage

Works to reduce the incidence of collisions of night-migrating birds with illuminated buildings in this area.

Have you ever found a bird that was injured or a baby bird that was obviously out of the nest too early? What do you do?