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The Flyway is Detroit Audubon’s seasonal newsletter that highlights project updates, upcoming events, volunteer spotlights, and more. Our newsletter has been in publication since 1939 and is made possible by Detroit Audubon volunteers and funding provided by Detroit Audubon memberships like yours.

The Flyway is sent electronically via email to members. Only one issue of the Flyway (the Spring issue) will be printed and mailed. This will occur annually in March. If you have not already provided your email address to Detroit Audubon, please do so today: you don’t want to miss subsequent issues available online only!

To subscribe to our newsletter, email to the Detroit Audubon office at to provide us with your email address. Rest assured that Detroit Audubon will not share or sell your email address to any other person or organization.

Photos Wanted! We need your photos for the Flyway. Please send your birding photos (e.g., birds, birdwatchers, children watching birds, birdhouses, etc.) to Tana Moore at We may feature your photo in the next newsletter!

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