at Cass Corridor Commons, 405 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201

Program on Climate Change and Birds


Chad Wilsey

National Audubon Society scientists recently completed a comprehensive analysis modeling the winter and summer ranges of 588 North American bird species in response to future climate change. Using extensive citizen science data and detailed climate layers, these models characterize the relationship between the distribution of each species and climate through the end of the century. Nationally known climate expert, and National Audubon Research Scientist, Dr. Chad Wilsey will talk about the results and the implications for conservation. The science is clear that climate change is the biggest conservation threat to birds through the rest of the century. As a result, the fate of North America birds will depend critically on conservation decisions that reduce the impacts of climate change as well as the ability of these birds to colonize areas that become climatically suitable outside of their current ranges.

This program is co-sponsored by National Audubon (who brought speaker to us at no charge) and the Greening of Detroit, while other local environmental organization co-sponsorships are pending)