Our Staff

Detroit Audubon has two dedicated part-time staff members that work diligently to run our public and in-class education programs, field trips, citizen science projects, bird population monitoring research efforts, and office administration.

Interested in joining our staff?
Bailey Lininger

Bailey Lininger

Program Coordinator

Bailey, a native Michigander and lifelong nature lover, is our new Program Coordinator. After spending her first eighteen years in the Detroit area, she packed up and headed out west to Washington, where she received a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies from Whitman College and a Master’s in Education (with a focus on community and environmental education) from the University of Washington. Over the last ten years, Bailey has worked in a wide variety of settings, such as: the coastal rainforest of Washington, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a wastewater treatment plant, and, most recently, at the Cranbrook Institute of Science. Bailey has also worked as a preschool teacher and managed the nature center for Tamarack Camps, where she was lucky enough to care for a red-tailed hawk and a snowy owl. Bailey’s passion lies in fostering meaningful connections between people and the natural world, a pursuit she is excited to continue in her work with Detroit Audubon.


Erin Rowan

Erin Rowan

Research Coordinator & Office Administrator

Now our Research Coordinator, Erin was our chief volunteer Black Tern Researcher in 2016. Erin grew up in California and enjoyed camping, backpacking and birding from a young age. She followed her passions and graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Conservation and Resource Studies, focusing on Wildlife Ecology and Management. She has extensive bird banding experience from her time managing MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) stations in Yosemite National Park, Southern Oregon & Saipan with the Institute for Bird Populations (IBP) and Klamath Bird Observatory. Prior to moving to Michigan, Erin managed the North American and Pacific Island Bird Banding Programs as a Staff Biologist for IBP.