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Detroit Audubon is the chapter of the National Audubon Society that serves southeast Michigan. There are two ways you can join Detroit Audubon: as a Detroit Audubon chapter-only member, or as a National Audubon member. For membership details, see below.

Become a Detroit Audubon Chapter Member

Join as a Detroit Audubon chapter-only member online (below) or by filling out this form here (updated form coming soon!). Detroit Audubon chapter members receive our quarterly newsletter (3 electronic and 1 print issue per year), opportunities to volunteer and make a difference, plus invitations to meetings, programs, activities, and special events. We encourage you to sign up online, if possible, or mail a check payable to Detroit Audubon to our office at 4605 Cass Ave. Detroit, MI 84201.

Membership Types


Join National Audubon as a National Audubon-Detroit Audubon joint member
National Audubon annual membership includes automatic membership in the Detroit Audubon chapter (see benefits above) as well as a subscription to Audubon Magazine for the introductory rate of $20. Click here to join National Audubon.

If you give a contribution above the $20 joint National-Detroit Audubon membership dues after clicking “National” membership, the excess amount will go only to National Audubon.  To make a donation to Detroit Audubon above and beyond your dues, click here

Thank you for supporting Detroit Audubon!