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Detroit Audubon is the chapter of the National Audubon Society that serves southeast Michigan. There are two ways you can join Detroit Audubon: as a Detroit Audubon chapter-only member, or as a National Audubon member. For membership details, see below.

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Become a Detroit Audubon Chapter Member

Join as a Detroit Audubon chapter-only member. Detroit Audubon chapter members receive our quarterly newsletter (3 electronic and 1 print issue per year), opportunities to volunteer and make a difference, plus invitations to meetings, programs, activities, and events with members and partner organizations. We encourage you to sign up online, if possible, or mail a check to our office to limit processing fees that will take away from you contribution.


Join National Audubon
National Audubon annual membership includes automatic membership in the Detroit Audubon chapter (see above) as well as a subscription to Audubon Magazine for the introductory rate of $20. Click here to join National Audubon.

If you give a contribution above the $20 joint National-Detroit Audubon membership dues after clicking “National” membership, the excess amount will go only to National Audubon.  To make a donation to Detroit Audubon above and beyond your dues, click here

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