What is Bird-A-Thon?

A Bird-A-Thon is a yearly tradition among Audubon Chapters. Bird-A-Thon teams spend a day in the field at the peak of spring migration to help raise funds to further Detroit Audubon’s efforts.

Each team is asked to select any day during the specified period to be their “birding day” and choose any location or locations in southeast Michigan. In advance of the birding date, all team members are asked to seek pledges from sponsors for a certain amount for each bird species seen by the team during the selected 24-hour period. Individuals of all skill levels are invited to organize teams or participate on a team.

During Bird-a-thon 2013 one team recorded 114 species. For those who like competition, 114 is the number to beat! Whether you get the highest number of birds this year or not, we all win! Just being out for a whole day enjoying birds with other like-minded folks is one of the highlights of the birding year for many people. You can stay out as long as you want on that day. Some will get up before dawn to add owls to their tally and may stay out even after dark at the end of the day clocking that last Common Nighthawk or additional owl species.


Bird-A-Thon 2016 Results are in!

Click here for 2016 Bird-A-Thon Results


Spend a Day Birding for Detroit Audubon: Bird A-Thon 2017


You are invited to go birding in support of Detroit Audubon during our Bird-a-thon! The 2017 Detroit Audubon Bird-a-thon will be held from Friday May 5th to June 15th.

Enjoy a day in the field at the peak of the spring migration while raising funds to further Detroit Audubon’s efforts to introduce new people (especially youth) to the wonder of birds, protect wild birds and their habitats, promote nature experiences, and provide scholarships to young birder and educator’s to go to nature/birding camps and hone their skills.

Team leaders are asked to register their teams no later than Friday, May 19th. To indicate a desire to participate or if you would like additional people on your team contact the Detroit Audubon office at 313-960-3399 or email our Research Coordinator at We suggest a maximum of 4-5 birders per team/carload. Forms and donations need to be returned to the Detroit Audubon office by the end of June at the latest.

Click here for the Registration form: Bird-A-Thon Registration Form 2017

Happy Birding!!!