Board of Directors

Detroit Audubon is supported by a dedicated Board of Directors who are responsible for strategically advancing the shared goals and visions of Detroit Audubon and its members. Our board members are a diverse group of experienced professionals and community organizers whose guidance drives Detroit Audubon forward. We are grateful for their experience and expertise related to conservation management, non-profit development, project management, business, law, community engagement, communications, and more.

Current Members:

President: James N. Bull
Vice President: Rochelle Breitenbach
Treasurer: Connie Perrine
Secretary: Rebecca Minardi

Board of Directors:
Rochelle Breitenbach
James N. Bull
Diane Cheklich
Sara Cole
Gisela Lendle-King
Tom McKarns
Rebecca Minardi
Stephen Perrine
Richard Quick
Joseph Rashid
Joan Seymour
Jack Smiley
Eric Stempien